hello worlds.

i'm ryan ferris, host of the good timeline podcast, the place where we examine transhumanism and how we might adapt to a bewildering future.

i blog on similar topics here and also make music with groove/electronica act beacon bloom

the good timeline was created due to ever present curiosity and the apparent scarcity of genuine and rational longform conversation.

if you don’t know where to begin, choose one of the top episodes below:

  1. Daniel Ingram (Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha)

  2. Robin Hanson (Hidden Motives, Assassination Markets and Twitter Mobs)

  3. Aella Girl (Psychedelics, Sexuality and Rationalism)

  4. Richie Ogulnick (Pioneering Ibogaine)

  5. Andres Gomez Emilsson (Consciousness and Qualia Realism)

  6. Libby Emmons (What It Means to Be Human)

  7. Don Caldwell (Managing Editor of Know your Meme)

  8. Jonathan Balcombe (The Capacity to Feel - Animal Sentience & Intelligence)

  9. Jeremy Sherman (Neither Ghost nor Machine)

  10. Zoltan Istvan - (Transhumanist Immortality)

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contact me at thegoodtimeline (at) gmail (dot) com