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Update - Cosmic Tortoise Re-Brand

Update - Cosmic Tortoise Re-Brand

Hello humans and other sapient beings.
I hope all is well in your world.

This episode is a small update: Cosmic Tortoise is having a re-brand. The name was fun and memorable but as the podcast has evolved I feel it doesn’t properly represent the content of the podcast.

So here I present: The Good Timeline.

As humans In 2019 it seems we are currently on a Strange Timeline. Donald Trump is president of the US. The Culture Wars are raging on. Orwellian mass surveillance is commonplace. Scientists are reviving the brains of dead pigs.  4chan’s strange memeplex has permeated mainstream culture. There is an opiate epidemic alongside mass depression and anxiety. Political and religious turmoil continues. Brexit. Climate change. Preventable diseases are coming back and antibiotics are failing. People are still somehow divided over race and gender. The rainforests are burning and the ocean is filling with plastic. Many of us feel that we have somehow sidestepped from a more predictable and logical timeline to something very strange.

But there is yang to the yin, as always. Poverty seems to be decreasing globally. There is less war than ever. Privacy-based apps are growing. Meditation is mainstream. People are figuring out how to clean the oceans. People are planting trees. Elon Musk is here. The internet is becoming more widely available. Psychedelic research is coming online. There are huge groundswells for the protection of LGBT,  women and minorities. Incredible art, music, film and photography continues to emerge. And many of us are increasingly aware of what is going wrong.

These are all good indicators. But what might a good timeline look like exactly?
We all know utopias don’t exist.

But in my view I think it’s possible that we might create the conditions in which humans can more easily find a sense of peace and security while maintaining symbiotic balance with the natural world and the other wonderful life forms that inhabit Earth.

How might we do this? I suspect the answers won’t come from politics, technology, science or culture. But they might come from some combination of insights gained from all of these areas.

And the first place that we can begin to apply such insights is within ourselves.

To step into a good timeline we might first look to our behavior, willpower, morals and responsibility. Not only our responsibility to others, but to ourselves. How do we not only be kind to others but also ourselves?

We may examine what we believe and why we believe it. What makes us human? And what role as individuals do we play within this incredibly complex and interdependent system that we call Earth?

We are increasingly in charge of our own evolution as a species. This is essentially what transhumanism is - the transition from homo-sapien humans to something different: post-humans. How might we safely move into such a world?

What are the best qualities of human nature, society and technology that we want to retain, and what might we want to eliminate or improve?  And how do we find meaning and peace within all of this?

These are the questions I will be exploring in The Good Timeline.

And we’re in good company for such conversations.

Since Cosmic Tortoise launched 2 years ago I have talked to researchers/professors from Harvard, Stanford & Oxford, politicians, musicians, spiritual teachers, scientists and writers.
Incredible people that have so kindly provided so much knowledge and perspective.

In The Good Timeline I will continue to talk with such people with renewed focus and curiosity.

Thank you all for joining me so far.  And I’ll see you very soon.

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